Gatda’s mobile waste disposal application service Bbaegi growing rapidly… “Aiming to become a unicorn company”

The company Gatda officially opened the Bbaegi service in May 2020, and grew to have 15 local governments and eight million users in just eight months.

The company staff said, “The app ‘Bbaegi’ is literally the app created to ‘subtract’ something from home or office well. It is a service that makes disposing and managing waste that everyone had difficulty with at least once remarkably easy and convenient. ‘Bbaegi’ is a specialized platform equipped with a variety of services such as disposing of waste without stickers, dropping off heavy and bulky items at a low cost, or getting paid for selling the things which would’ve cost money to dispose of them.”

Bbaegi has grown rapidly since May last year when the official service started. It is used by over 100,000 customers, and an average of over 4,000 applications are received for disposing waste per month. Bbaegi provides the information to each party in a seamless manner with various information necessary for the collection, transportation, and recycling of waste, including photographs.

The company staff said, “Our database distribution technology of collecting and classifying data and delivering the necessary information quickly without loss, and collecting feedback in addition to distribution difficulty has become the background for developing quick and stable technology with years of know-how and the understanding of the market.”

Ko Jae-Seong, CEO of Gatda

Regarding the future plan, he said, “As a waste management service company, our goal is to make customers perceive it as a leading company. Also, our mid-term and long-term goal is to grow into Korea’s first resource management unicorn company.”