“For us, Sensibility is fundamental, while we take care of environment.” MICE specializing company Chulho Jang, CEO of Manmanboys

One day, a new startup suddenly appeared and dominated the event planning and directing market. That is Manmanboys (CEO Jang Chulho Jang) that is on its 5th year since its establishment in 2018. It was the revolt of the “underdog” amid the prominent companies that dominated the existing market.

With the neat event design, sensible supplies, quick feedback acceptance and performance, the company was flawless; the market and VC responded with countless government and corporate event directing and investment.

But the company had more than just the design. Manmanboys produces and utilizes environment-friendly materials such as recyclable lumber instead of plastic, which is used by many existing companies, for an event place without waste.

Wood, when produced, creates less than 1/100 of carbon compared to other materials. Even when disposed, the biodegradation rate is exceedingly quicker compared to other materials and has the advantage of not significantly affecting environmental damage.

The OSB material self-produced and used by Manmanboys is a product that is made by compressing the leftover pieces of hardwood, and the material itself is a recycled item. Additionally, all products are designed so that they could be reused at least 70 times.

While there is the hassle of having to think about the disassembly, loading, moving, and assembly when designed, the special advantage is that at least 90% can be collected and reused without discarding anything at the event place.

Also, a blackboard instead of a banner is recommended to be used, and the floor material can also be reused at least 50 times to aim for ZERO waste events.

Manmanboys began with 2 regional youth in Busan and started off from the thought of making supplies such as stands used at flea markets with more sensibility. Subsequently, it developed into satisfying the market requirements regarding forming all of the event components with environment-friendly material, going beyond supplies such as stands, tables, and booths. This year, it has grown into a startup with more than 10 employees including regional youth.

CEO Chulho Jang said, “Green MICE fate that can no longer be ignored, and it is natural.” And added, “the position of Korea’s MICE industry is rising, and positive changes are still in progress.”

Additionally, he revealed his ambition, “we are searching for materials that go beyond the limits of the wood being used, and if soon, we are planning on expanding and moving our factory next year. We will make effort to deliver better products in a better environment to more clients.”