Food tech startup Egnis emphasizes balanced meals with Labnosh, a meal replacement food brand

Food tech start-up Egnis launched Labnosh, a meal replacement food brand in 2015, and is expanding its product lineup steadily, presenting the simplest and most balanced meal targeting women in 20s and 30s.

Labnosh Drinking Meal

With the wish to innovate the paradigm of meals even to surpassing simple meals, the company staff said, “The main nutritional component of Labnosh is protein. What differentiates it from other protein foods is that it includes both vitamins and minerals. It is simple to take, and you can eat balanced meal.”

Labnosh Food Shake 3.0

Since its launch in 2015, Egnis is growing rapidly with an annual average growth of 200%. It started as a single product in powder type, and now more than 80 types of products are being sold in major online/offline channels. In addition to its own mall Atem, it is being sold in large online shopping malls such as Coupang, Market Kurly, and Timon, as well as various offline stores such as nearby convenience stores and Olive Young.

Labnosh Drinking Meal Vegan

Also, the company official said that eight companies, government agencies, and VCs saw good potential in Egnis and made investments. He said, “One of the major sales channels Olive Young invested in our company through Timewise, an investment company of CJ, the parent company of Olive Young, and the mother company of GS25 also invested in us with excitement.”

Labnosh Food Bar

Egnis is showing its business competitiveness not only in the domestic but also in the global market. In particular, in countries like China, Singapore, and Malaysia, the potential for sales growth had been proven, and is selling by entering local leading online/offline sales channels.

Regarding the future plan, the company staff said, “We will present better meals and lifestyles such as meals tailored to each individual’s life and needs, diet and sports nutrition.”