FCMT introducing MEA, core parts of fuel cell and water electrolysis system at HYVOLUTION 2022

MEA │Photo source- FCMT

FCMT Co., Ltd(CEO Jeong-kyu Lee) is participating in ‘HYVOLUTION 2022(France Hydrogen Industry Exhibition 2022)’which will be held for 2 days from May 11 to 12 at the Paris Event Center as a joint Korea Pavilion.

FCMT is a company specializing in the core of the hydrogen economy, which are fuel cell and water electrolysis parts. They are developing and manufacturing Membrane & Electrode Assembly (MEA) and STACK. They have positioned themselves as a domestic maker in the MEA market, which has been dependent on oversea products. They are technology-oriented company with more than 60% of their man power is working in research and development sector. By entering domestic hydrogen market and setting its base, they are expanding hydrogen fuel cell and water electrolysis market in abroad.

MEA is a heart of a fuel cell and water electrolysis system, and produces hydrogen through electrochemical reaction or produce electricity or hydrogen using water as fuel in an environment friendly way.It is made of oxidation-reduction electrode, the two electrodes, and polymer electrolyte membrane. A single cell is made with an electrically conductive separator that supplies fuel to the electrode and discharges reactants. It is called ‘STACK’, when these batteries are stacked and assembled in tens to hundreds of sheets to form a module. Currently, MEA and STACK are highly dependent on overseas, and overseas supply infrastructure is not big. This became the reason why FCMT started a related business.

Transportation hydrogen fuel cell can be applied in fields of automobiles, drones, ships, forklifts, commercial vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles as eco-friendly power source, and in a stationary sector, it can be used as power source in buildings, factories, and houses.

For water electrolysis sector, it uses leftover power from renewable energies such as wind power and solar power to produce hydrogen in an eco-friendly way through water decomposition, which is growing rapidly along with the renewable energy market.

MEA & STACK│Photo source- FCMT

FCMT does not have a long history, but based on more than 20 years of R&D, commercialization experience and know-how in the field, they have the ability to design and mass-produce products for various applications such as transportation and building power generation. They have capability of mass-produce infrastructure that can produce about 200,000 sheets per year, and they are planning to expand their manufacturing capability to more than one million sheet per year. They can produce and supply that can be customized by the users, and they not only secured Sheet Type, but also Roll To Roll continuous process technology to produce products with productivity and uniform quality.

They have successfully attracted more than 10 million KRW of institution investment, and by May 2021, they became the only hydrogen fuel cell company that got selected from Ministry of SMEs and Startups’ unicorn company growing support project as a baby unicorn company.

Jeong-kyu Lee, CEO of FCMT, said, “We have successfully got our MEA products verified in the domestic fuel cell demand market for buildings, and we plan to mass produceand supply them from the second half of the year. We plan to expand the MEA business for transportation fuel cells and water electrolysis in overseas markets.”

He continued, “As a hydrogen specialized parts company, we have a goal of contributing to the expansion of global carbon neutrality by developing and supplying core parts for eco-friendly solutions. Within 5 years, we will expand our business into international sector such as Europe, the USA, China and more and become global hydrogen specialized parts and material company.”

FCMT CEO Jeong-kyu Lee │Photo source- FCMT

Meanwhile, HYVOLUTION is the largest hydrogen industry B2B (business-to-business) exhibition in France hosted by GL Events. This year, more than 250 hydrogen value chain-related companies and institutions from around the world will participate in △ Mobility, △ Energy, and △ Industry. Korea’s ‘Hydrogen Mobility + Show Organizing Committee’ will participate in the exhibition as a joint pavilion by signing an NDA for exhibition exchange with French MICE company GL Event. Along with nine domestic hydrogen-related companies and institutions, a PR hall will be established and operated, to explain domestic hydrogen industry trends and promote the private hydrogen industry.