FATOS, a startup that provides an integrated mobility business based on the global ADAS map platform

FATOS is a startup that provides an integrated mobility business based on its own global ADAS map platform. It is pioneering the Southeast Asian mobility market centered on domestic headquarters and Singapore branches, and is largely carrying out global maps, advanced driver assistance (ADAS) maps, and smart mobility businesses as major business areas.

Recently, it aims to become an unmanned driving platform based on the global ADAS map platform, and after developing a global map & navigation platform and a fleet platform, it is currently developing an EV-specific mobility platform and logistics delivery-specific algorithm based on the ADAS map.

There are various domestic and foreign partners such as SKT, SK Hynix, National Fire Agency, Korea Transportation Safety Authority, Hyeyang Energy, and NCSS (Singapore), and FATOS argos is currently the main product in addition to FATOS SDK, FATOS API, and FATOS truck. FATOS argos is a digital integrated transport control platform that incorporates various mobility technologies owned by FATOS, including maps, navigation, location control and analysis, and optimal routing. From the start-up stage, development was carried out according to the strategy of securing solutions and platforms by recognizing the importance of unmanned driving control and driving platforms in the era of logistics 4.0, establishing step-by-step development goals.

The main functions of FATOS argos are as follows.

  1. It is possible to induce cost reduction and vehicle utilization rate improvement by providing transportation-specific RP, and to provide differentiated services such as optimal dispatch considering fuel efficiency through ADAS map Routing.
  2. Provides algorithm-based logistics-specific RP services for optimal route search and optimal allocation for various conditions (vehicle types, avoidance sections, etc.). In particular, it has a core engine that is free to develop additional functions according to customer requirements.
  3. The collected real-time trajectories of the control object can be checked and analyzed under various conditions. It analyzes and provides the occurrence point and time of vehicle events (fast acceleration, sudden departure, etc.) in each moving section, not just a driving trajectory.
  4. It collects real-time mobility data collected by a Tracker to analyze driving records, driving habits, and driving patterns, and provides more accurate and diverse data through AI learning and correction.

In addition, through real-time monitoring, mobility analysis, and map matching trajectory analysis, optimal dispatch technology considering fuel efficiency and safety of each vehicle (freight vehicle, EV vehicle, bike) in various logistics environments can be achieved.

Since its establishment in 2016, it has achieved 1.5 billion won in sales as of 2020 after receiving investments from Naver and Bon Angels.

As a future plan, solutions are being advanced around major domestic references so far and based on core R&C (Resource & Capability), Southeast Asia (ASEAN), the future growth market, is the main target market. Through the signing of partnerships with Southeast Asian local companies, FATOS has explored the possibility of developing local specialized solutions, conducting PoC, and businesses leading to logistics algorithms related to ADAS map-control-transportation. After that, it plans to first promote linked projects such as EVs and trucks that can maximize ADAS map advantages and expand the business with the aim of subscribing services other than solution supply.