Far-infrared radiation Health Sauna

NEW YORK, USA (AVING) — <Visual News> One of Korean manufacturers presents far-infrared radiation health sauna that you can install within your house.

Far-infrared radiation is in between near infrared radiation and microwave radiation, which can penetrate skin 40m/m deep and make it warm by mobilizing the molecules of skin cell.

This health sauna is made of European cedars, utilizing this character of far-infrared radiation and its neat design seems to fit well with both classic and modern decoration.

Using the standardized goods of American UL and German VDE, it proves its safety feature. You can set any temperature between 30C~80C, and it keeps the temperature automatically. If the room gets hot over 80C, it stops working automatically. You can also set specific time that after some time passes, power is automatically turned off. You can readily install the sauna wherever it has household electricity.

If you need more information, contact to 82-2-547-0157~8 or visit the website (www.healthsauna.co.kr)