Fabulous watch incorporating MP3P

NEW YORK, USA (AVING) — <Visual News> Going out for summer vacation, but too much stuff to carry on? No worry. Bluezen(www.bluezen.com), a Korean mobile digital convergence products manufacturer, launched a pair of fabulous sunglasses incorporating MP3 just for you guys. Now you can wear them anywhere while enjoying favorite songs.

You don”t wanna wear sunglasses? Wait. There is one more, a ”Joywatch”. It”s another convergent product of the Bluezen, a fashionable watch incorporating MP3.

You can record about 200 songs to the maximum and do 72 hours of voice recording. It can be readily charged by connecting to PC with USB drive attached on it. It seems a bit restrictive to move your arm with earphones attached. Since you wear a watch anyway, so try this and figure that out yourself.