EverEx Introduces Digital Treatment Solution for Musculoskeletal Disorders at COMEUP 2022… “Will Set the New Bar for Rehabilitative Exercise Therapy”

Provided By – EverEx

The digital healthcare startup, EverEx (CEO Chan Yoon), will attend ‘COMEUP 2022’, which will be held in Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul for 3 days between November 9th(Wed) and 11th(Fri), and introduce MORA, their digital treatment solution for musculoskeletal disorders and MORA-based digital treatments.

MORA (Mobile Orthopedic Rehabilitation Assistant) is Korea’s first digital treatment solution for musculoskeletal disorders that provides a treatment curriculum specialized for musculoskeletal disorders based on a medical evidence. Applying around 150 wide-ranging treatment curriculums that cover most musculoskeletal disorders and high-quality Pose-estimation AI technology specialized for musculoskeletal disorders, it is capable of giving accurate functional evaluations.
Cognitive behavioral therapy was applied to improve the effectiveness of exercise therapy jointly developed by psychiatrists and psychological counselors and improved treatment compliance.

The solution is composed of a web-based prescription system (MORA Ex) for medical personnel (doctors, physical therapists) and an application (MORA) for patients. When medical personnel put together and prescribe a treatment program appropriate for patients, the patient can use their mobile devices and the cameras equipped on them to carry out the treatment program. A spokesman of the company explained that the data collected in the process of the prescription and performance of the treatment is shared in real-time between the medical personnel and patients, allowing the performance rate to be monitored and for feedback to be given in a timely manner to guarantee the effectiveness of the treatment.

Provided By – EverEx

Chan Yoon, the founder and CEO, is an SNU College of Medicine graduate and an orthopedic specialist that established EverEx with the vision to improve the unmet demands in rehabilitative exercise therapy, which he experienced as he diagnosed patients, with digital technology.

8 months after developing the MVP version of MORA in May, they conducted pilot tests in places like Seoul Bumin Hospital and the Korea Workers’ Compensation & Welfare Service Incheon Hospital. They secured around 300 cases of prescriptions and 49 medical personnel members, and most importantly, they were able to reap a meaningful result with a treatment performance rate of 74% and a rate of pain improvement of 81%. This can be seen as MORA’s usability in the clinical field being verified as a digital treatment app.

EverEx’s development and commercialization capability was recognized and was selected over 15 times for major startup support programs. Some of the main examples include, the TIPS R&D program from the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (2021.06), TIPS Startup Commercialization and Overseas Marketing Support (2022.06), the Global Accelerating Program from Lotte Ventures (2021.11), and the C-Lab Outside program from Samsung Electronics (2021.12).

They recently won the grand prize in the idea planning category of the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Welfare and Health Big Data Utilization Startup Contest (2022.07) for proposing a personalized anti-inflammatory/pain-reliever use management service for patients of musculoskeletal disorders. They were also selected for the Korea Innovation Center and Born2Global Center’s acceleration program and are preparing for their plans of entering MORA into the US market in the first half of 2023.

Provided By – EverEx

MORA is currently preparing clinical trials for each detailed musculoskeletal disorder. They are planning on starting exploratory clinical trials for a knee disorder called Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS)’ with SNU Bundang Hospital. They have been approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and is expected to be approved by the hospital committee. They are then planning to progressively conduct clinical trials for leading disorders in the category of musculoskeletal disorders, such as chronic back pain and ACL injuries, and secure medical device licenses from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and medical insurances from the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service. It is expected that from the point of securing insurances, it will be able to expand as digital treatments prescribed from hospitals like regular medicine.

Chan Yoon, the CEO of EverEx, said that, “Though the field of digital treatments is drawing attention, in a market oriented for mental disorders, we wanted to show the world that physical disorders like musculoskeletal disorders can be treated through digital technology.” He then went on to say, “COMEUP is an event that has produced prominent startups for years, which led us to believe that it was the most effective way to raise awareness for EverEx and MORA, and we ended up applying for and being finally selected for the Rocket League. We want to interact with and learn a lot of things from this year’s COMEUP finalists that we met at the pre-orientation and the workshop.”

Having its 4th iteration this year, ‘COMEUP 2022’ was hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (Minister Young Lee) and organized by the Korea Startup Forum (Chairman Jaewook Park). Startups, investors, and people related to startups from over 15 countries attended, and this year in particular was the start of COMEUP’s rebranding from the previous government-private collaboration to the private-led event that it is now, as it aims to become a global Top 5 startup event. With the slogan of ‘WE MOVE THE WORLD’, the event was conducted both on and offline, and had various programs like Academic Conferences (Conference), Open Innovation Strategy of Global Companies (Open Innovation), COMEUP Stars Company Introduction (IR) and Booth Exhibitions, and Business Matching (Biz Matching).