Epic Video Game Controller ‘Bladepad’ Turns iPhone into A True Gaming Device

If you’ve ever played a first-person shooter, 3D adventure game, or sports game on a smartphone, you know that the touchscreen controls can be really frustrating. Even some console games that have been ported to iPhone and Android are ruined by the virtual buttons and joysticks, which block the screen and are clunky and difficult to use.

Well, those touchscreen woes are about to become a thing of the past. Bladepad, the brand new video game controller for the iPhone, provides the seamless gaming experience that everyone has been wishing for. Bladepad is both a protective case and a video game controller. The protective case fits around the iPhone and a slide-out gamepad attached to the case. The gamepad can easily be detached from the protective case for enhanced mobility and convenience.

David Baum, CEO of Bladepad LLC, says “The name Bladepad originally came from the idea that we wanted to create a razor-thin game controller for phones. Our current design is slim enough to easily slide in and out of your pocket, yet very comfortable to hold.” Additionally, Bladepad is detachable so to minimize unnecessary bulk. “The gamepad detaches from the case and you can toss it in your bag or leave it at home. The protective case has a nice smooth back and looks great on its own. When you are ready to play again, simply slide the gamepad back into place to reattach it.”

Bladepad connects over Bluetooth and features dual joysticks and a similar button layout to modern console controllers. Additionally, Bladepad features illuminated joysticks and face buttons for gameplay in low-light settings.

Bladepad has a very unique design due to the very high attention-to-detail given to the overall user experience. Baum also commented, “We had functionality and convenience in mind throughout the entire design process. From the fact that it’s a slide-out gamepad that stows away under the phone, to the detachability feature, even down to the power cord that charges both the phone and the gamepad simultaneously… What we’ve really done here is create a very innovative device that just makes sense from every aspect.” Bladepad is set to change the mobile gaming landscape by making mobile gaming better than ever before with its unique design and innovative features.

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