[ENVEX] Environment Action Association participates to campaign ‘Environmental energy-saving’

Environment Action Association (President Lee Kyung Yul, www.ecolink.or.kr) participates to campaign ‘Environmental energy-saving’ at the International Environmental Industry Technology& Green Energy (ENVEX) that is held at the COEX Center until June 14th.

Environment Action Association has a lot of activities about prohibition of environmental destruction and giving lecture for pollution and making promotion of environmental practices under the association adage, “Clean Water, Clean Air, and Clean Environment.”

ECOSOC (the Economic and social Council) provided it the status of special consultation. It addresses the prevention of global warming and international exchange of environment problems. It has been grown up IEAA (International Environment Action Association) as international NGO.

The association adverts to people’s environment awareness with the campaign of desertification, and energy conservation.

Environment Action Association campaign the promotion such as water, air, wetlands, soils, and wildlife protection.

This year at ENVEX 2013, the total numbers of foreign visitors are to be 1,500. All the exhibitors will be able to have the opportunity to promote their products. Industrial innovative technologies and new products are planned to be unveiled; technology for treating bad odor at terminal disposal plant of sewage, LBM (Liquefied Bio-methane) production technology, constructed wetland development method, energy-saving MBR technology, movable meteorological equipment, CCTV pipe inspection robot, air sampler and various measuring devices.