ENVEX 2021 held on July 8 at COEX!

ENVEX 2021 | Photo by AVING News

The 42nd International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy opened July 8 at COEX, boasting its position as the longest-running and largest environmental trade show.

ENVEX 2021, which started in 1979 and now celebrating its 42nd anniversary this year, will be held for three days from July  8 to 10 with 243 companies from 15 countries including the US, China and Europe participating by video conferencing.

As the exhibition was canceled last year to prevent COVID-19 from spreading, ENVEX 2021 is held in two years, to help companies that suffered difficulties such as low sales and imbalanced supply and demand during this period of pandemic to expand their sales channels.

This year’s event will showcase technologies in the environmental industry and technology fields such as water quality, air quality, and waste, as well as green energy fields from carbon neutral and green new deal companies such as solar power, small hydropower, and geothermal heat.

The companies boast latest decarbonization and green innovative technology products with hydrogen generator, water heat source heating and cooling system, sewage sludge fueling technology, and air compressor for hydrogen car.

At the Environmental Technology and Industry Performance Exhibition in 2021 held concurrently, 39 organizations and companies related to environmental fields such as climate, air, water, and resource circulation will exhibit carbon-neutral and green new deal-related technologies, outstanding environmental technologies, and achievements of industry promotion support.

ENVEX 2021 | Photo by AVING News

In addition, Environmental Preservation Association and K-water paid exhibition fee in full for 15 startups to exhibit at K-water Startup Support Pavilion, displaying new technology and products such as intelligent leakage management platform and 3D water supply and sewage construction and management system by using ICT.

To help Korean environmental SMEs to run businesses in Korea and overseas, overseas buyers video conference and power generation company and domestic purchase consultation for water industry will be held, and nine seminars and forums starting from Carbon Neutrality and Chemical Safety Seminar will be open.

At the Environmental Industry Overseas Buyers Online Video Conference to be held on July 8 and 9, 300 1:1 online video conferences with 25 Korean companies and about 40 overseas buyers from Southeast Asia and the Middle East will take place.

Moreover, there will be workplace consultations on the chemical accident prevention management plan in National Institute of Chemical Safety Pavilion, and seminars on chemical safety and carbon neutrality conversion technology ICT technology application for chemical accidents will be held at the Conference Room on July 8-9.

Also, during the show, the Audit Office of the Ministry of Environment will install Environment Clean Zone in the entrance of the show, and Interactive Anti-corruption and Integrity Promotion Campaign will be held with the affiliated organizations.

At the exhibition site, the maximum number of visitors is limited to 1,724 by observing the revised social distancing, and a quarantine system such as QR code recognition, body temperature measurement, and installation of a quarantine gate will be installed to welcome visitors.

MOE Minister Han Jeong-ae said, “I hope that this year’s ENVEX will serve as an opportunity for environmental SMEs that had shrunk due to the pandemic to expand their domestic and overseas markets and increase exports, and the development of our environment industry sets an international example.”

The exhibition items at ENVEX 2021 hosted by the Environmental Preservation Association, KEITI, Korea Environment Corporation, Sudokwon Landfill Site Management Corporation, K-water, and KEIA are as follows. Environmental industrial technology △Water quality △Air △Waste △Measuring and analyzing equipment △Eco-friendly automobile industry △Waterside ecological restoration △Seawater desalination △Chemical △Government policy publicity / green energy △Eco-friendly automobile industry △Solar light/power △Wind power △Hydrogen fuel cell △Small hydropower △Geothermal △Ocean △Gasification and bio

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ENVEX 2021 | Photo by AVING News