[ENVEX 2020] Sang Won Machinery to introduce one-body RTO concentrator and horizontal rotary distributed heat storage combustion system Advanced RTO

Sang Won Machinery will participate in the 42nd International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy (ENVEX 2020) to be held at COEX from June 17 (Wed) to 19 (Fri) to introduce one-body RTO concentrator and horizontal rotary distributed heat storage combustion system Advanced RTO.

Sang Won Machinery has developed and supplied various facilities for over 30 years since its foundation in 1984, and based on accumulated technology and experience, it developed direct combustion facility and catalytic combustion facility that burn and remove volatile organic compounds (VOC) and odor substances, and is supplying them to various companies.

In 2002, it developed horizontal rotary distributed heat storage combustion deodorization device (RTO) as a R&D project for Next Generation Core Environmental Technology Development run by the Ministry of the Environment. It registered patents in Korea, the United States, Japan, and China and supplied it to the auto parts companies. Also, it developed and registered a patent for Green Dry Oven using horizontal distributed RTO technology in 2011, and it developed a miniaturized cost-reducing vertical distribution square RTO technology in 2017. It has built a RTO system lineup of various structures with its own model, supplying more competitive products.

The official said, “We have successfully researched outstanding technologies and have successfully performed many research projects to date. We have over 20 domestic and foreign patents. Also, we have developed all of the combustion treatment technologies with our own technology, and we also have many track records of commercializing the developed technologies.”

The main features of Sang Won Machinery’s developed products are as follows. △ 95~99% efficient VOC/odor removal and 94% heat energy recovery rate △ Excellence in field space utilization and application ability from flexibility of installation area, height, and direction control △ Improved efficiency by minimizing unnecessary space and saving of 30% in installation space and operating energy △ Rotor and metal seal with excellent durability and airtightness to guarantee reliability and save maintenance cost △ Improved maintenance convenience by horizontal arrangement of the core component rotor’s exterior bottom

On the reason for participating in the exhibition, the official said, “I want to get a chance to meet potential customers and to promote the excellence.” I would like to create an opportunity to improve the image by attracting the understanding from the visitors. We are planning to find out about our visitors and continue to analyze and research the market environment, and secure the uniqueness and competitiveness of our products.”

Marking its 42nd year this year, ENVEX 2020 has been serving as the business venue every year to help domestic environmental companies develop domestic and overseas markets. It has attracted 1,000 overseas buyers to provide business matching with the exhibitors in Korea.

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