[ENVEX 2020] M&Tech to introduce waste resources and energy technology

M&Tech will participate in the 42nd International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy (ENVEX 2020) to be held at COEX from June 17 (Wed) to 19 (Fri) to introduce waste resources and energy technology.

M&Tech is a specialized waste recycling technology company, designing, manufacturing, constructing, and operating garbage automatic collection facilities and automatic clean net facilities, MT and RDF facilities, recycling sorting facilities, food waste disposal facilities, incineration facilities, hazardous substance removal facilities, and mechanical facilities construction. It is carrying out construction and operation projects and is growing into a specialized company in the environment field.

Also, our company-affiliated research institute developed waste resourcing and energy technology through industry-academia-research and various research projects, registering many of patents and designs, and continued to focus on R&D to become a leading company in environmental technology in Korea.

M&Tech’s facilities are available in various sizes and layouts depending on user needs, and additional options are available. An official said, “Recycling product sorting facilities efficiently design and deploy individual facilities with user needs and characteristics of the selected sorting facilities in mind, and produce the best results based on our know-how in the entire process from manufacturing, installation and commissioning. In the case of the waste compression transfer facility, it is an automatic direct compressor, which has no scattering of waste, can be operated unmanned, and has maintenance cost. There are no waste compression transfer facility made in Korea, and the performance has been proven by delivery to local governments.”

Regarding entering the overseas market, “We are operating seven recycling sorting facilities nationwide, and the technology accumulates enough to reflect problems and improvements in operation. It seeks to find buyers and enter overseas markets with high demand for environmental technology. We are currently in China, Russia, and Indonesia with technical meetings to discuss business participation in Korea, and we are also planning to find overseas partners with technology superior to the domestic market, and have a cooperative relationship, such as technology agreements.”

Marking its 42nd year this year, ENVEX 2020 has been serving as the business venue every year to help domestic environmental companies develop domestic and overseas markets. It has attracted 1,000 overseas buyers to provide business matching with the exhibitors in Korea.

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