[ENVEX 2018] Water Resources Engineering Corporation, introduced ‘Water pipeline location survey and internal image acquisition technology’ using a convergence-type probe

Water Resources Engineering Corporation participated in the 40th Environmental Industrial Technology and Green Energy (ENVEX 2018) held at COEX from 30th(Wed) to 1st June(Fri) and exhibited ‘Water pipeline location survey and internal image acquisition technology’  using a convergence-type probe

Since privatization in 2001, Water Resources Engineering Corporation has been able to carry out maintenance and inspection on water resources including multi-purpose dam maintenance facilities and wide-area and local water facilities nationwide based on know- To build a water industry total solution business system ranging from research, design, diagnosis, new and renewable energy business, construction work to operation and maintenance of water resources facilities.

Since 2006, the company has also entered the overseas water sector and has been introducing Korea’s water resources technology to the world. Water Resources Engineering Corporation has grown to become a global water company total solutions company with 28 years of accumulated experience, technology and specialized know-how. The water pipeline location and interior image collection technology introduced in this study consists of a system that collects the location information of the water pipeline by using the piggy type profile equipped with mapping cassette module and camera module. After the collection, the position of the water pipe is explored through 3-D analysis and the inside image of the tube is collected through the high-resolution image information.

Meanwhile, ENVEX 2018 is Korea’s largest environmental industrial technology and renewable energy trade exhibition, hosted by KEPA (Korea Environmental Preservation Association), and organized by KEITI (Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute), KECO (Korea Environment Corporation), SLC (SUDOKWON Landfill Site Management), KEPA (Korea Environmental Preservation Association and KEIA(Korea Environmental Industry Association). The exhibition is attracting attention as the largest publicity and marketing opportunity for companies to become the leading companies in green growth.