[ENVEX 2018] Korea Industrial Equipment, introduced an Harmful Gas Measuring Device useful in the Workplace

Korea Industrial Equipment participated in the 40th Environmental Industrial Technology and Green Energy (ENVEX 2018) held at COEX from 30th(Wed) to 1st June(Fri) and exhibited the harmful gas measuring device.

The hazardous gas measuring device is domestic equipment and Korea Industrial Equipment launched in 2018. When you enter the workplace with the product, you can identify the hazardous situation in the workplace. It can also be used for general atmospheric odor control and hazardous gas leakage check, especially in work environment. It can be used in workshops such as chemical, communication, shipbuilding, heavy industry, underground and confined space workshops, and hazardous toxic gas operation sites.

Lee Jong-duk, CEO of Korea Industrial Equipment, said, “When workers are put into harmful situations, there is a warning sound” and added, “Recently, people are interested in fine dust”. He also commented that, “We are planning to export the products to all over the world” and added, “We have been conducting seminars at the exhibition hall today and I am very happy that many people are interested.”

Meanwhile, ENVEX 2018 is Korea’s largest environmental industrial technology and renewable energy trade exhibition, hosted by KEPA (Korea Environmental Preservation Association), and organized by KEITI (Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute), KECO (Korea Environment Corporation), SLC (SUDOKWON Landfill Site Management), KEPA (Korea Environmental Preservation Association and KEIA(Korea Environmental Industry Association). The exhibition is attracting attention as the largest publicity and marketing opportunity for companies to become the leading companies in green growth.