[ENVEX 2018] ‘2018 Asia Environment Forum’, held in Intercontinental, COEX

The ‘2018 Asia Environment Forum’ hosted by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Environment, and organized by Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute was held at Intercontinental, COEX together with ‘The 40th International Environmental Preservation Association & Green Energy Exhibition(hereinafter referred to as, ENVEX 2018)’ that is held from May 30th to Jun 1st(Fri) today(31st).

In the exhibition,14 people have progressed presentation, those were a member of the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Director of Natural Resources Development Department of Indonesia Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Leónol C Cleopas Deputy Director of the Water and Wastewater Department of the Philippines, Sainh T. Hin Lynn Myanmar Director of Natural Resources and Environment Department, Fraq Fraktag Cambodia Director of Wastewater Management Bureau, Dr. Ratna Sri Lanka Directorate of Waste Management at Sri Lanka, Director of Waste Management at Sri Lanka, Director of Environmental Protection Bureau of Zabavuk Pakistan, Director of Waste Management at Sri Lanka, Deputy Director of the Regional Investment Promotion Bureau of QuangNin Province in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, ENVEX 2018 is Korea’s largest environmental industrial technology and renewable energy trade exhibition, hosted by KEPA (Korea Environmental Preservation Association), and organized by KEITI (Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute), KECO (Korea Environment Corporation), SLC (SUDOKWON Landfill Site Management), KEPA (Korea Environmental Preservation Association and KEIA(Korea Environmental Industry Association). The exhibition is attracting attention as the largest publicity and marketing opportunity for companies to become the leading companies in green growth.