[ENVEX 2017 Preview] Consortium of Konkuk University, will introduce Excellent Techonologies related to Air and Water Quality Improvement with Domestic colleges and Universities

홍보기술 리스트

Consortium of Konkuk University(Konkuk University, Kyunghee University, Yonsei University, Jeju University, Korea Polytechnic University, Korea Institute of Science and Technologies and Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & Technology) will participate in ‘The 39th International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy (ENVEX 2017)’ held in COEX from June 7th (Wed) to 9th (Fri) and will introduce excellent technologies related to air and water quality improvement.

The Konkun University consortium possesses about 900 technologies relevant to air and water quality improvement, and among the technologies they are possessing, the excellent technologies will be actively supported for those that are relevant to air and water quality pollution measurement technology, water treatment, device technology and air purification technology, which will be shared with companies through this event, so that it can be used in the industry.

Meanwhile, ‘ENVEX 2017’, together with small and medium environmental companies which will lead the creative economy, is Korea’s largest environmental industry technology and energy trading exhibition. This exhibition, organized by the Korea Environmental Preservation Association and co-hosted by Korea Industrial Technology Institute, the Korea Environment Corporation, SUDOKWON Landfill Site Management Corp., and the Korea Environmental Preservation Association, is expected to be ‘Place to maximize publicity and marketing opportunity’ to become a leading company in green growth such as green technology and renewable energy.

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