[ENVEX 2017] Jung Woo, Introduced ESAC MBR Water Treatment System


Jung Woo ENT(CEO Park, Byung Seon), participated in ‘The 39th International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy (ENVEX 2017)’ held in COEX from June 7th (Wed) to 9th (Fri) and introduced ESAC MBR Water Treatment System that cleans the separation membrane itself. (Photo: Flat membrane using Mechanical Cleaning Process(MCP). It activates the microorganism)

This company is a promising environmental company designated by Geonggi-Do, and is developing and supplying related facilities and equipment’s such as waste water treatment, heavy water treatment, water reuse and seawater desalination.

The ESAC MBR water treatment system introduced in this exhibition, is an equipment which cleans and diagnosis the separation membrane itself, by soaking the MBR separation membrane in the inner housing, the construction cost, installation space, maintenance cost can be reduced drastically.

Especially, it provides a pleasant work environment by removing fouling using the eco-friendly Mechanical Cleaning Process, and there is no effect on microbial EPS on empty load, and sludge treatment cost can be drastically reduced due to the with concentration sludge drawing.


(Photo: It is suitable for water treatment facilities in a narrow place as MBR is applied inside)


(Photo: External Circulation Type Smart MBR System, which applies to public sewage treatment facilities)

Meanwhile, ‘ENVEX 2017’, together with small and medium environmental companies which will lead the creative economy, is the Korea’s largest environmental industry technology and energy trading exhibition. This exhibition, organized by the Korea Environmental Preservation Association and co-hosted by Korea Industrial Technology Institute, the Korea Environment Corporation, SUDOKWON Landfill Site Management Corp., and the Korea Environmental Preservation Association, is expected to be ‘Place to maximize publicity and marketing opportunity’ to become a leading company in green growth such as green technology and renewable energy.

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