[ENVEX 2017] DONGIL, Exhibited Water Sorption Felt High Pressure Type Belt Press


DONGIL Canvas Engineering(CEO Woo, Hyun Jic), participated in ‘The 39th International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy (ENVEX 2017)’ held in COEX from June 7th (Wed) to 9th (Fri) and introduced ‘Water Sorption Felt High Pressure Type Belt Press’ which is performance recognized product. (Photo: Automatic Moving Cloth Type Filter Press)

This company specializes in the environmental machinery field, and supplies various products including sludge and debris reduction system, special belts such as, canvas, filter cloth, felt, mesh belt and sewage disposal facilities and equipment’s.

The water sorption felt high pressure type belt press introduced in this exhibition, is a new product which has got performance recognition (No. 15-926), which adsorbs and removes the moisture in the sludge and the surface water of the filter cloths.

This equipment is a 6-step vertical pressurization dehydration method, which the high-pressure belt using the oil pressure and high pressure of upper and lower filter cloths surrounding the sludge compresses with more than 30kgf/cm2 high pressure, and by using the dehydration only felt, it performs, adsorption and dehydration simultaneously.

In particular, the dehydration efficiency is outstanding since the inner and outer dehydration filtrate and the moisture remaining in the filter cloth are absorbed and removed, and the adsorbed water is separated by the separation roller which enables constant absorbability.

Furthermore, the filter press (No.15-1452) which is the main product, can produce a minimum moisture content cakes about 60% of mechanical dehydrators, and it can dramatically reduce the amount of cakes generated by the secondary compression and dehydration filtration method using the pneumatic or water pressure.


(Photo: Various kinds of filter cloths)


(Photo: Pressure Type Belt Press)

Lim, Chang Yong, the Manager said, “Our company does batch processing from designing the water treatment related equipment and facility to development and production” and added “Not only installation, but we also respond to post management and maintenance quickly”.

Meanwhile, ‘ENVEX 2017’, together with small and medium environmental companies which will lead the creative economy, is the Korea’s largest environmental industry technology and energy trading exhibition. This exhibition, organized by the Korea Environmental Preservation Association and co-hosted by Korea Industrial Technology Institute, the Korea Environment Corporation, SUDOKWON Landfill Site Management Corp., and the Korea Environmental Preservation Association, is expected to be ‘Place to maximize publicity and marketing opportunity’ to become a leading company in green growth such as green technology and renewable energy.

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