[ENVEX 2014] Hansu Technical Service Showcases Superhigh Speed Coagulation Sedimentation Equipment

Hansu Technical Service(CEO Kyung Jin Park, www.hansuts.co.kr) displayed its superhigh speed coagulation sedimentation equipment.

(photo: superhigh speed coagulation sedimentation equipment with Small Precipitation Tank)

Hansu Tech is a comprehensive water treatment company that designs, manufactures, constructs and trial runs water treatment equipment that is needed in all field of the industry, and provides a normal filtering system, semiconductor de-ionized water· waste water recycling system, water treatment system, and related medicines.

Also, through a collaboration with global water treatment maker Japan’s KURITA WATER INDUSTRIES, it secured its technological competitiveness in the water treatment field through the introduction of advanced technology, ISO quality certification, and environment system’s systematic management.

In this Expo they introduced the recently developed ‘superhigh speed coagulation sedimentation equipment’. This equipment has reduced the size and weight of the precipitation tank to 2.5M compared to the standard 16M.

Especially, it became simplified by using the line combined equipment instead of the standard reactor tank and condensation tank to reduce the process to one tank, the condensation precipitation process that was composed of 3 tanks.

Strategy planning team chief, Lee Seul Park said, “Superhigh speed condensation sedimentation equipment has succeeded in reducing the weight of the sludge reducing the equipment’s weight and size; it will continue to lead the water treatment field’s technology through cooperation with advanced technology and independent technology development.

(photo: Small Precipitation Tank)

(photo: Controller attached superhigh speed condensation disposal equipment’s main body)

The 36th International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy(ENVEX2014 www.envex.or.kr) takes place at COEX, Sanmsung-dong for four days from 10th(Tue.) to 13th(Fri.), which displays eco-friendly technologies·products under one roof. The 36th this year’s show includes 186 domestic companies and 84 overseas companies from such as USA, China, Indonesia and Italy, 23 countries in total as the biggest scaled environment show in the country.

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