[ENVEX 2014] Dongil ENT Introduce Independent Technology Developed Metering Pump

Dongil ENT (CEO Hui Sang Bang, www.dongilentco.com) introduced its independent technology developed metering pump.

(photo: Water treatment quantitative metering pump for medicine injection)

As a pump specialized company, Dongil provides a variety of pumps such as air diaphragm pump, hose, metering and mono, for transportation of waste water, sludge, slacked lime and water treatment medicine by partnering with water treatment specialized makers from US, England, and Italy.

Introduced in this Expo, the metering quantitative pump was developed as a water treatment industry chemical injection with a stroke length of 15~100%, and automatic control system (DC4~20mA) with an exterior electric signal. DMA series has acquired the ISO9001 quality certification, and it is entirely being order produced.

Also, the DK series metering pump is used in organic solvent, chemistry and manufacture process it has a small injection (error range of 1%) if high viscosity substance, and it has the same specifications of Chonsei and Ewha’s metering pumps.

Section chief, Jae Won Bang said, “For the last 30 years, as a pump specialized company, with a background of technology and cost competitiveness, we have been supplying a variety of pumps to chemical plants, water treatment facilities and others.

(photo: Hose pump demonstration)

(photo: Screw, mono and various pump’s interior structure)

The 36th International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy(ENVEX2014 www.envex.or.kr) takes place at COEX, Sanmsung-dong for four days from 10th(Tue.) to 13th(Fri.), which displays eco-friendly technologies·products under one roof. The 36th this year’s show includes 186 domestic companies and 84 overseas companies from such as USA, China, Indonesia and Italy, 23 countries in total as the biggest scaled environment show in the country.

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