[ENVEX 2013 Video] Interview with Martina Mrosek of Bavarian Pavilion

Manager Martina Mrosek of Bayern International participated to seek international cooperation at International Environmental Industry Technology& Green Energy
(ENVEX) that is being held till June 14th.

Bavarian Pavilion hopes to extend their international ties to continue to develop their technological advancement for better Environmental conditions.  Martina Mrosek understands to better the Environmental industry technology and green energy, the variety of technologies from different countries must come together to help each other create a better living environment for all.

This year at ENVEX 2013, the total number of foreign visitors are to be 1,500. All the exhibitors will be able to have the opportunity to promote their products. Industrial innovative technologies and new products are planned to be unveiled; technology for treating bad odor at terminal disposal plant of sewage, LBM(Liquefied Bio-methane) production technology, constructed wetland development method, energy-saving MBR technology, movable meteorological equipment, CCTV pipe inspection robot, air sampler and various measuring devices.

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