ELT Sensor’s released the world’ smallest air-quality checker in the COVID-19 era

As people are staying at home longer due to COVID-19, many started to exercise at home. And indoor air quality management has become one of highly controversial issues.

In line with this, ELT Sensor the best eco-friendly gas sensors specialist, is introducing three types of indoor air quality measurement monitors (MT-200H, MB 350U, CD-100) by using NDIR (non-dispersive infrared method) technology and chemical sensor fields.

The USB-type CO2 measurement monitor MT-200H is small and light, so it is easy to carry, and at the site, the CO2 concentration can be measured in real-time by using a portable electronic device such as laptops or smartphones. By using the smartphone app AirFinder_USB, it is even more convenient to use.

With this product, users can measure indoor air quality in houses, restaurants, bath houses, cars, buses, and trucks, as well as agricultural sites like barns and farms and industrial sites, having no limitation in location.

The indoor air quality measurement monitor MB-350U-C measures five parameters, CO₂, CO, temperature, humidity, and VOCs, and displays the indoor condition as a numeric value. To help maintain the clean optimal indoor air quality environment, the monitor notifies the pollution level in the indoor air with three colored-LEDs and a buzzer so that users can ventilate the room in time.

MB-350U-C can be used in various environments, monitoring from home network for apartments and CO and CO2 emission, as well as indoor learning spaces and multi-use facilities such as kindergartens, school classrooms, libraries, study rooms, theaters, and academies. Also, it can be used in various industrial environments such as factories, gas boilers, and for preventing accidents from drowsy driving and agricultural environments like mushroom cultivation and pig farms.

Carbon dioxide transmitter CD-100 series is a one-board type product designed to be used with extended temperature range down to of -40 degrees Celsius. It measures CO2 concentration and transmits to a long-distance, supports either 3-wire or and 4-wire power system measurement ranges and calibrations. Also, various measurement ranges and voltage and current outputs can be changed with switch at the site to accommodate to various application’s installation conditions.

This product can be used very efficiently in various farming sites like green houses, farming warehouses, chicken farms, cow farms, and pig farms and various industrial sites like the low-temperature COVID-19 vaccine storage warehouses and bio-refrigeration trucks, measuring gas concentration.

ELT Sensor has an exclusive patented technology in the measurement principle of the non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) method globally designated as the main test method for measuring the gas concentration of CO2, CO, and CH4. It is exporting CO2 and CH series (CH4, C2H4, C3H8, C4H10) to more than 40 countries around the world, including the US, Canada, UK, Australia, China, Taiwan, India, Germany, and Denmark.