[EDUCARE] Samsung Books introduced Sound Toy Book stimulating senses of children

Samsung Books  had introduced Sound Toy Book, a collection for children based on sound stimulus, from Aug. 15th to Aug. 18th at the 29th EDUCARE held at COEX, Seoul.

Sound Toy Book is based on the sound-telling educational method for infants and toddlers, a method bosed on the finding that children who have many positive sound experiences when they were an infant of a toddler tend to have better language ability.

Samsung Sound Toy Book consists of 80 kinds of things such as a sound education material called Talking Pink Pen and the latest toy books of Samsung Books including focus book, feeling book, both book, sound book, CD book, folding book, piano book, and sticker book. All books are installed with sounds, so children can experience 500 kinds of sounds they can hear in daily lives such as the sounds of animals, vehicles, musical instruments, fairy tales, children’s song, English, greeting conversation.

If parents utilize recording stickers, a component of Pink Pen set, they can be more intimate with their children. They can record diaries of prenatal education, cradlesongs, Happy Birthday song on the stickers in their real voice. They can also record the babble or the first spoken words of their children.

Children’s song or story cards made in the size of smartphone can store Pink Pong’s contents (16 children’s songs and 16 children’s stories), a popular educational app for infants and toddler, so they could be utilized conveniently anytime anywhere without the chance to expose children to smart devices.

Meanwhile, EDUCARE has 280 participating companies and 920 booths of them and it will have been co-located with KIDSFAIR. Various kinds of baby products will be shown at those events including books, education program, toys, games, and teaching tools.

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