[EDUCARE] Nistul Grow, a desk and chair set for children, satisfy fathers more

Nistul (www.diskchair.co.kr) had introduced Nistul Grow, an ergonomic desk and chair set, from Aug. 15th to Aug. 18th at the 29th EDUCARE held at COEX, Seoul, and get the attention of visitors.

Nistul Grow is displayed at the same booth of a American child furniture company called P’kolino. It based on ergonomic design and consists of a desk and chair capable to be used from 5-year-old children to adults for the feature adjustable for the growth of children.

Nistul Grow has a pressure type height control system for making it fits for users. Quick Release Lack system developed based on a exclusive technology of Nistul is applied on Nistul Grow, so customers can easily adjust the height of Nistul Grow.

Nistul Grow also prevent slipped disk because it helps users maintain proper position—feet are on floor stably and waist is straight. The angle of the upper layer of the desk can change from 0 to 30 degrees with simple operation, so it helps to concentrate on studying by changing its angle proper to the activities such as reading and drawing.

The rounded corners of Nistul Grow is for children’s safety. The corners are coveren with elastic material to prevent children from iinjury. Desk surface is the part easily damaged, so Nistul Grow’s desk surface is covered with laminate of Fomica to prevent scratch and make removing stains easily, so it is easy to maintain.

Tilting device of Nistul Grow chair’s backrest support spine accurately, so it helps to maintain proper position and proper spin curve (C shape) to disperse user’s weight on waist disks evenly.

Meanwhile, EDUCARE has 280 participating companies and 920 booths of them and it will have been co-located with KIDSFAIR. Various kinds of baby products will be shown at those events including books, education program, toys, games, and teaching tools.

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