[EDUCARE] Dream Talk introduced heard fairy tale book with a high quality sound device

Dream Talk (www.csdreamtalk.com) had introduced a program utilizing Dream Pen, a sound generator of publications for children, and high-quality sound educational devices from Aug. 15th to Aug. 18th at the 29th EDUCARE held at COEX, Seoul.

Dream Pen is the product good for the development of infants and toddlers who have sensitive hearing. If they touch pictures of letters with this pen, they can hear sounds of Hangul, English, children’s song, rhythm, cry of animals, sounds, etc. through a player.

Dream Talk publishes various fairy tale books and bromides every year. There are not only high-quality sounds but also moving pictures in the books. The sounds in the books stimulate self-motivated learning.

Meanwhile, EDUCARE has 280 participating companies and 920 booths of them and it will have been co-located with KIDSFAIR. Various kinds of baby products will be shown at those events including books, education program, toys, games, and teaching tools.

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