[EDUCARE 2011] Arirang English to Introduce How to Learn from Using a Dolphin Pen, the ‘Logico English’

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on ‘Educare 2011’) — <Visual News> Arirang English(representative Jeong Hun, www.arirangenglish.com) presented the ‘Logico English’ during the ‘EDUCARE 2011’ at the Samsung Dong COEX held on April 7~10.

The Logico English is designed to teach English, also develop intelligence, using the education tools such as the Logi-Fen, Frame, and 640 image cards.

Native accent explanation of the image activates by inserting an image card in the Frame and pressing the image with the dolphin-shaped Logi Fen. Not only the accent, but by matching the image with a character, creates an effective learning process.

Finken is the German educational corporation that developed the Logico English, currently being used as a main or sub education text book in about 30 countries for kindergarten.

(Picture: The dolphin- shaped Logi Fen explains the image with a native accent if contacted with the book or stickers)