ECOPEACE introduces the “AI Water Purification Integrated Platform” that practices carbon neutrality at ITS 2021!

ECOPEACE (CEO In-won Chae) participated in the 22nd Innovative Technology Show 2021 (ITS 2021) held at SETEC (Seoul Trade Exhibition Hall) from October 26th to 28th and introduced the “AI Water Purification Integrated Platform.” ECOPEACE is preparing for the era of “carbon neutrality” and “energy conversion” through the development of eco-friendly energy and energy efficient technologies, continuous technological innovation, technology convergence, and advanced professional development.

ECOPEACE’s technology is based on basic science, so it aims to contribute to a better future and better quality of life by spreading to all industries and lives. In addition, ECOPEACE consists of eco-friendly energy efficiency engineering experts and has various cooperative networks in the industry. From the water in a small tank to the water in a large dam, efforts are being made to preserve precious water resources.

Every summer, many problems arise due to green algae occurring in numerous freshwater facilities. ECOPEACE is solving the problem by investing a large amount of budget and manpower, but it is difficult to solve it properly due to too much pollution.

To solve these problems, ECOPEACE operates an integrated platform for AI water purification by linking big data, AI, carbon neutrality, and robot technologies. AI autonomous water robots, big data analysis and prediction technologies are further advanced to solve water quality problems. ECO-BOT is one of the artificial intelligence equipment that can measure and analyze water quality while moving around green algae risk zones on its own using unmanned green algae removal equipment.

ECO-BOT is equipped with its own power generating system and charging system through solar power generation, overcoming the limitation of treatment areas, and maximizing the performance of green algae treatment and water purification.

There were problems such as the inability to monitor in real time, the inability to establish initial response strategies, and the lack of pollution expansion prevention technology, but ECOPEACE technology has strengths such as prediction, remote control, and unmanned automation. In addition, remote control robots can be put into places where it is difficult for humans to enter to remove green algae, and preventive measures can be taken in advance before green algae are created with water quality measuring devices mounted on water purification robots.

Furthermore, through solar power generation, carbon neutrality is practiced through its own power generation system and charging system. Meanwhile, the main exhibition composition of ITS 2021 hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups is as follows. △Smart Factory Solution Hall △Smart Manufacturing Innovation Hall △Smart Digital New Industry Hall △Smart Green New Industry Hall △Smart Service Innovation Hall.

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