[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] SHINGANG HI-TECH to introduce ‘Eco-bio filter(EBF)’ for efficient disposal of earth & sand and heavy metal

SHINGANG HI-TECH (CEO Seong-ju Joe, www.sgenv.kr) participated in ‘ECO EXPO(www.ecoexpo.or.kr)’, a cyber ECO Expo and showcased ‘Eco-bio filter(EBF)’ for efficient disposal of earth & sand and heavy metal.

‘Eco-bio filter(EBF)’ was designed for non-point pollution reduction and managing technology development on the road or in the city. It has high efficiency with integrated technology of permeation, filter, uptake by plant and others.

There are reed, sawdust, woodchip, zeolite, perlite and others in Filter material.

Also, surplus material can be utilized as a material which covers soils. In addition, ‘Eco-bio filter(EBF)’ has aesthetic aspect and public stability as a leisure space. In particular it has environment friendly ecology expansion function.

From its foundation, the corporation made efforts to develop technologies in water quality purification for rivers, ponds and lakes. They have attained a wide range of technologies through 14 patents and seven utility models, three design applications beginning with “River Purification Method and Device Using Bio-contactor” (patent), “Purification System for Contaminated Rivers, Ponds and Lakes” (Utility Model), “Sewage & Wastewater Treatment System through Natural Circulation” (Utility Model) and continued with “River and Wastewater Purification System that Eliminates Organisms, Phosphorus and Nitrogen (Patent)”, “Purification System & Methods for Contaminated Rivers, Ponds and Lakes” (patent), “Bio-contact for river and wastewater treatment (patent)”, and more along with dozens of other technologies in preparation.

Meanwhile, ‘ECO EXPO’, an innovative online eco expo supervised by Ministry of Environment and hosted by Korea Environmental Industry&Technology Institute, supports overseas market entry and promotes superior technologies and products of Domestic environment companies. For this, they help participating compnies make promotional digital contents and participate in ENVEX 2012 (The 34th international exhibition on environment technology & green energy) held June 11-14 for four days.

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