[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] KAMACHO Scale to introduce ‘GC Series’,a gypsum board separator, which integrates high-precision original technology

Kamacho Scale (CEO, Kamada Takeaki, www.kamacho.co.jp/english/) participated in ‘ECO EXPO(www.ecoexpo.or.kr)’, a cyber ECO Expo and showcased ‘GC Series’, a gypsum board separator (waste recycling machine), which integrates high-precision original technology.

This new returning mechanism minimizes the discharged mixture of gypsum and paper to below 1%. Furthermore, the amount of gypsum powder mixed with paper has also been reduced about 60% (compared to our conventional products) through the high-speed rotation of the new paddle.

The product is also effective for sorting gypsum board with large amounts of moisture, and the improved magnetic sorter reduces the risk of equipment damage caused by foreign matter. In addition, the necessary installation space is very small. As can be seen, this product outdoes by far the conventional models. Gypsum powder and paper are sorted efficiently from waste gypsum board.

‘GC Series’ consists of 6 kinds of machines and they can handle 0.6 ton~ 10 ton per hour respectively.

Kamacho  has been produced PET Bottle Compressor PB Series, Fluorescent Lamp Crusher (NCR), Other Plastics Compressor PL Series, Other Plastics Compressor PL Series, Lumber Chipping Device ESC, EHC Series and others for recycling system. And they has delivered many products all over the world as a top ranking company of weighing system, measuring control as well as recycling machine.

Meanwhile, ‘ECO EXPO’, an innovative online eco expo supervised by Ministry of Environment and hosted by Korea Environmental Industry&Technology Institute, supports overseas market entry and promotes superior technologies and products of Domestic environment companies. For this, they help participating compnies make promotional digital contents and participate in ENVEX 2012 (The 34th international exhibition on environment technology & green energy) held June 11-14 for four days.

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