[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] HANSEL GREEN to show ‘Star Green’, a soil conditioner for making green belt at the waterside

HANSEL GREEN (CEO Seung-ho Han, www.hgreen.com) participated in ‘ECO EXPO(www.ecoexpo.or.kr)’, a cyber ECO Expo and showcased ‘Star Green’, a soil conditioner for making green belt at the waterside.

‘Star Green’ is a soil conditioner developed as part of the research of ‘Eco-Star Project’ (water ecology restoration project) by Ministry of Environment . This product promotes rooting and improves survival percent with balanced mixing of raw material and nourishment when tree is planted or transplanted.

With ‘Star Green’, reducing damage from harmful eelworms inhabiting at roots is available as well as it can give a boost to roots. In addition, it can make soil better and microorganism is reved up.

Meanwhile, ‘ECO EXPO’, an innovative online eco expo supervised by Ministry of Environment and hosted by Korea Environmental Industry&Technology Institute, supports overseas market entry and promotes superior technologies and products of Domestic environment companies. For this, they help participating compnies make promotional digital contents and participate in ENVEX 2012 (The 34th international exhibition on environment technology & green energy) held June 11-14 for four days.

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