[ECO EXPO 2012 on-site] ECODAYS to show a high concentration water treatment system and Anaerobic digestion technology

ECODAYS (CEO Hong-bok Choi, www.ecodays.co.kr) participated in ‘ECO EXPO(www.ecoexpo.or.kr)’, a cyber ECO Expo and showcased ‘ECOPAT’ a  high concentration a sewage treatment system and ‘ECOPAD’, anaerobic digestion technology.

(Photo: model of ECOPAT and ECOPAD )

‘ECOPAT’, a high concentration a sewage disposal system, has high Oxygen transmission efficiency which helps smooth biological reaction, by equipping E-water disposal cell.

Over 10times efficiency compared with existing one is available with E-water treatment Cell.

‘ECOPAD’, anaerobic digestion technology, realizes Bio gas recovery more than 150% compared to existing technology by dividing gas and microorganism efficiently and destroying scum.

E.PFR, an innovative process for waste water disposal and bio gas production, will be necessary in a  high concentration water treatment system field  as sea dumping is restricted officially.

Meanwhile, ‘ECO EXPO’, an innovative online eco expo supervised by Ministry of Environment and hosted by Korea Environmental Industry&Technology Institute, supports overseas market entry and promotes superior technologies and products of Domestic environment companies. For this, they help participating compnies make promotional digital contents and participate in ENVEX 2012 (The 34th international exhibition on environment technology & green energy) held June 11-14 for four days.

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