[Earth-saving Entrepreneurship] Life & Earth launches eco-friendly brand ecoAND to make the Earth healthy by good consumption

Bamboo toothbrush│Photo courtesy of Life & Earth

Life & Earth (CEO Hong Won-young) launched a new brand ecoAND and unveiled the expanded lineup of eco-friendly products, attracting many consumers’ attention.

Life & Earth is a company specializing in the production of eco-friendly living products and stationery, which means products for both “Us” and ‘Earth” in “Life.” With the recent launch of ecoAND under the slogan of “Life Goes On,” the company started a project to practice zero waste for a sustainable environment with life.

EcoAND’s main product lineup includes eco-friendly products that can replace disposable products such as stainless steel straws, bamboo toothbrushes, and kraft paper tape.

In the United States, about 500 million plastic straws are thrown away every day. As plastic does not decompose for a long time, it is pointed out as a major cause of pollution of the environment such as the sea and land. EcoAND 304 stainless steel straws, manufactured to reduce the number of plastic straws, are eco-friendly products which the company has done its best to ensure that customers can use them with confidence with approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, FDA, and SGS inspections.

The plastic product that pollutes the environment as much as straw is toothbrush. Both disposable and regular toothbrushes are recommended to be replaced every two months, so toothbrushes that are discarded have to be buried. EcoAND launched bamboo toothbrush to solve this problem.

Bamboo toothbrushes are 100% biodegradable in a short period of time, so replacing the toothbrush does not adversely affect the environment at all. Also, the fine brush contains charcoal, so users can take care of their health as well as save the environment.

Paper tape│Photo courtesy of Life & Earth

Kraft paper tape is a tape made using “kraft paper” made of softwood pulp with long fibers and high strength. By supplementing the durability, which is the weakness of the existing paper tape by using kraft paper, it has passed the SGS ROHS standard certification.

EcoAND’s kraft paper tape does not have an outer PE coating unlike existing tapes, so it can be discharged together with the paper box. The adhesive applied to the tape is also made with eco-friendly hot melt and it uses water-soluble ink, making it a completely eco-friendly product.

A Life & Earth staff said, “Recently, as the seriousness of the environment is emerging, consumers’ perceptions and consumption trends are also showing a strong tendency toward eco-friendly products. Now that campaigns for environment-conscious good consumption are running, more and more consumers are looking for ecoAND’s products.”

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