[Earth-saving Entrepreneurship] Leading customized cosmetic company Unizaar expresses ambition to lead the 2nd K-beauty boom

5-type Powder│Photo courtesy of Unizaa

Due to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic, more people are having skin problems by wearing masks. On the other hand, as expectations for “no mask policy” in preparation for “with COVID” are rising, people are starting to pay attention to their skin.

There is a company that started with the idea of customizing cosmetic products according to each individual’s skin condition. It’s Unizaar (CEO Sim Pil-bo), a startup that launched “CoKit: Cosmetic Kit,” 5-type DIY customizing powders that customers can choose on their own and use it.

Unizaar is a manufacturing company that produces high-efficiency, hypo-allergenic powder cosmetics. It provides the service that makes cosmetics by having the consumers select the efficacies they want. It mainly produces Elastin Low Molecular Collagen 95 powder and D+ Cream optimized for moisturizing, antioxidizing, and skin tone improvement.

Sim Pil-bo, CEO of Unizaar who has experience in launching various cosmetic brands, said, “We have segmented our target customer base into DIY products tailored to the changing skin conditions of the day.”

Courtesy of Unizaar

Currently, CoKit comes in five types of powder, allantoin, calamine, niacinamide, elastin low molecular collagen, and brightening. With the individual packaging method, it not only prevents oxidation which often occurs in conventional powder products, but also adds portability, cleanliness, and convenience.

In addition to this product, Unizaar also has Detox Juice Toner that contains 81% apple, carrot, and beet extract and D+ Cream for dieting women.

In particular, D+ Cream is a specialized cream for consumers who are concerned about the loss of oil and moisture and deterioration of skin elasticity due to losing weight rapidly. A staff from Unizaar said, “D+ Cream is high in nutrition, oil, and moisture, which is why it’s loved by dieters.”

Sim said, “According to the data from the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (2019 Cosmetic Industry Analysis Report), the first place in domestic production is powder (47.5%) followed by mask pack (32.3%), so the future for power cosmetics market is bright. With the one-use stick nutrition powder CoKit, Unizaar led the powder market, and like this, we will become the company that leads the 2nd K-beauty.”

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Courtesy of Unizaar