[Earth-saving Entrepreneurship] Awesome Lab unveils “Water Warmer,” a portable water heater for eco-friendly camping, meeting consumer needs and reducing the risk of fire

Water Warmer│Photo courtesy of Awesome Lab

As the non-face-to-face culture is spreading due to social distancing caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, car park camping that combines travel and accommodation into one while minimizing contact with other people is becoming more popular. As Korea’s camping market exceeds 2 trillion won, Awesome Lab’s eco-friendly portable water heater for camping is attracting attention.

Awesome Lab’s first product, ‘Water Warmer-Sailor 70,” released through crowdfunding in 2020 achieved more than 1,209% of funding and made its name known in Korea and overseas. Awesome Lab was established in 2018. It is a startup of a convergence industry based on eco-friendly safety technology design UX.

Its eco-friendly IoT portable water warmer is a product that reflects the demand for hot and clean water, which is essential for activities such as outdoor, car park, and fishing, in response to the rapidly increasing demand for camping.

This water warmer utilizes electrode heating technology for the first time in the world. Compared to other companies’ existing water heating products that take five to six minutes to heat two liters of water, this water warmer can reach 70℃ in about two minutes. Its utility value is very outstanding.

Also, it has won the hearts of customers in the post-COVID era with its powerful sterilization and washing functions through the built-in instant sterilization water generation function.

Water Warmer│Photo courtesy of Awesome Lab

It’s not just customers’ hearts that Water Warmer has captured. Recently, the number of cases of forest fire damage has increased due to the increase in the camping population, and the heating method using the electrode ion heating element technology uses water instead of metal heating element as a conductor to prevent fire. There is also no carbon dioxide emissions because no gas or fossil fuel is used, making it suitable for environmental protection.

The staff from Awesome Lab said, “The portable water heating device currently under development is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2021. We will grow into a global company through B2C platforms such as Amazon and eBay overseas as well as in Korean market.”

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