DynaMedic soon to launch Large Bone Power Tool… To lead the globalization of medical devices along with K-Bio wave

Courtesy of DynaMedic

DynaMedic (CEO Choi Hyung-seop) specializes in electric handpieces for medical use, and will soon launch the Large Bone Power Tool, the flagship model of electric handpieces.

Amid the rapid increase in medical demand for joint diseases due to the aging of the world including Korea, the Large Bone Power Tool, which is essential for artificial joint replacement surgery and general orthopedic surgery, is expected to become the main product of DynaMedic along with the disposable screwdriver and medical saw already being sold in the market.

Courtesy of DynaMedic

DynaMedic was established in 2018 with CEO Choi Hyung-seop, who has been in charge of market development in a global company of core medical parts for over 20 years, and engineers with strong experiences in the medical device market. The company has received GMP certificate, venture company certification, and ISO13485 certification quicker than other companies, and is preparing for CE this year.

The Large Bone Power Tool will be released in two types, modular handpiece used for drilling, reaming, and wire pins, and saw handpiece used for cutting bones. It is expected to replace foreign-made tools that currently monopolized the Korean market, and also fulfill the needs of foreign customers who are looking for reasonably-priced handpieces.