Dvico, two digital juke box

NEW YORK, USA (AVING) — <Visual News> Dvico(www.tvix.co.kr) has released two new digital juke box, ‘Tvix HD M-5000U’ and ‘Tvix mini-C2000U’

‘Tvix HD M-5000U’ is a digital juke box that enables you to store HD files(1920 x 1080i), digital photo, music files from pc in the hard disc of the juke box through USB port and LAN port and then play them on TV screen connected by A/V cable. By employing EM 8621, it can play not only DivX, MPEG but WMV9 files. USB-Host functionality helps to extend hard disc or transfer files from other devices.

It also features DVI out for high definition of HDTV and supports optical and coaxial terminals for stereo digital sound. You can enjoy 5.1 channel sound by DTS down mixing.

‘Tvix mini-C2000U’ employs 2.5 inch hard disc and OTG functionality.

It’s a portable model about the size of a palm, so it is suitable for people who are frequently on the move.