DSP One, Signs MOU for ‘Miss Toba’ Character Content for 4G Phone for Children


DSP One (CEO Hong Dong-ho), a global ICT platform specialist, will joing hands with CiDow (CEO Kim Do-yeon), who made ‘Miss Toba’ character, and make a full-fledged entry into 4G(LTE) based children smart watch market.

DSP One provides baby smart watches and service platforms, and CiDow develops and supplies content and additional products using Miss Toba characters. Like Kakao Friends, which has become a hot issue, they decided to cultivate it as a global character that goes beyond online and offline. Southeast Asia, which has been pioneering by DSP one since entering the global market in 2016, is now in full swing with 4G service and is emerging as a new market with more than 3 million units in 2018.

Miss Toba, created by CiDow, has been used for a variety of emoticons, webtoons, and products based on friendly animal characters. In 2015, Miss Toba campaigned with the Songpa Police to establish a basic order. In the future, it is planned to actively support the advancement of DSP One into the children’s and infant’s market through various contents development and product development using Miss Toba character.

DSP One has developed and supplied 2G (GSM) based smart watches in 2016, but it has been newly developed as a new platform based on 4G at the request of overseas operators. The latest version of Android 6.0 has been adopted as the operating system, and the new APP for 2G smart watch has been improved to reduce development time and costs. With IP65 rated life waterproof, the radio safety standard lower than the international standard (CE), the video call function that was impossible in 2G, and the large capacity battery of 630mA, and by improving and applying the technology that adjusts the environment automatically by recognizing the user’s pattern, waiting time and talk time have been dramatically increased. One of the most important basic functions, the location information recognition for the security service, has improved the accuracy to within 2.5m error range by applying the 7 kinds of reception sensitivity correction technology.

Mr. Hong Dong-ho, CEO of DSP One, said, “Negotiations are underway with local mobile operators such as Canada, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam. We needed character-based killer content with global licenses for cheap and robust devices.” “This strategic alliance with CiDow will make Miss Toba a comprehensive product like the Kakao Friends, which will surely make a difference in the global market,” he said.

Mr. Kim Do-yeon of CiDow commented, “I agree with the direction of DSP One’s global promotion business. Especially, even if infants grow up and change into smartphones in the future, the business strategy of continuing to connect with contents business has been a crucial factor for participation in this project. ” “Miss Toba characters will play an active role as a new content business in the global marketplace,” he said.

DSP One plans to launch a full-fledged launch with the goal of supplying 200,000 units in 2018 and achieving sales of 20 billion KRW, along with CiDow. In addition, the company plans to advance into the domestic market, which is anticipating competition with Infomark, which prevails in the domestic market.00000000