Dr. Dermach, declares entry in European market by starting out on Cosmoprof Trade Show

ChungdamCDC JNPharm LLC , a highly effective cosmeceutical company that creates a brand Dr. Dermach declared they will enter European market to rewrite their success story in 2022 Bologna Cosmoprof, Italy.

ChungdamCDC JNPharm is a ‘ cosmeceutical ‘ company which provides ‘cosmeceuticals ‘ that have both cosmetics and therapeutic effects.

They have a line up of brands such as Dr. Dermach, Brottle, Truly Lab and others. They targeted Chinese market and successfully achieved sales excellence, making more than approx. 8 million USD.

CEO James Kwon said “ On this Cosmoprof Trade Show, we presented Dr. Dermach line up first and retained B2B buyers and a large number of channels to cooperate in marketing channel to target recently growing Cross border market.

In European market where influence of Korean wave is getting bigger, we will make a success story of K-beauty.”

Besides, ChungdamCDC JNPharm LLC is cooperating with G1beauty, inTVitem for their commerce solution in brand marketing to foray into Cross border market. And they started marketing and distribution of their products as they started to spread their global contents.