DoDream to Show ‘Hybrid Reduced Water System’ with Advantages of both Water Purifier & Water Ionizer!

DoDream (representative Hong-Ji Yang, firstly unveiled ‘Hybrid Reduced Water System’ in ‘The 33rd ENVEX 2011’ held in COEX, from June 8 to 10.

Hybrid Reduced Water System applied hot/cold water system of water purifier while keeping functions of reduced water and transforms taken water into 100% electrolytic reduction water.

Particularly, in alkali electrolytic reduction water, active hydrogen with high quality is living and preventing aging by combining with active oxygen within the body, which is a main cause of aging, and emitting it to water.

Hong-Ji Yang, a representative of DoDream, said, “Customers can enjoy electrolytic reduction water while selecting hot or cold water just like purifier by using Hybrid Reduced Water System. The water tastes clean and soft with oxidized organism, and is excellent for removing active oxygen”.

DoDream, specializing in water ionizer, is exporting their products to 10 countries, and manufacturing and selling products including Hybrid Reduced Water System, DoDream ionizer, Magnetic Levitation Alkaline Reduced Water Generator, and Portable Alkaline Reduced Water Generator.