DigiFi to release two new wireless earbuds ‘Opera S2/S5’

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — <Visual News> DigiFi(www.digifi.kr) releases its two wireless earbuds ‘Opera S2’ and ‘Opera S5’ made for iPod, which feature volume and track control buttons conveniently located on the wireless earbuds.

Ideal for people who like to listen to high-fidelity music without the wires at work or the gym, the Opera S2 and iPod-compatible Opera S5 use Kleer wireless technology to stream uncompressed, lossless, CD quality (16-bit, 44.1KHz-sampled) digital stereo audio.

In addition, both wireless earbuds have a range of 32 feet (10 m), offer a listening time of up to 10 hours, and can stream audio to a maximum of four people who are using Kleer-based wireless earbuds.

For customers wanting to stream music from a variety of portable and stationary media players the Opera S2 is ideal as its 3.5mm-compatible transmitter takes advantage of the popular 3.5mm stereo audio jack found on most media players — MP3 players, home stereo systems, computers, mobile phones, televisions, iPod docks, and more. For customers who only use an iPod, then the Opera S5 is ideal as its iPod-compatible transmitter offers customers the ability to play, pause, advance, previous, fast forward, and rewind a song using the track control buttons on the wireless earbuds.

The Opera S2 and iPod-compatible Opera S5 is available in Korea, Japan and Europe market.