Daiwon CI, DS card type Electronic dictionary for Nintendo DS

NEW YORK, USA (AVING) — <Visual News> Daiwon CI(www.touchdic.co.kr), a Korean distributor of Nintendo DS, has introduced its new DS card type electronic dictionary ‘touch dictionary’.

‘Touch dictionary’ provides full contents from several dictionaries (English, Korean-English, Korean, Korean-Japanese, Japanese-Korean dictionaries published by YBM; 1,630,000 vocabularies)

You can look up a vocabulary with Nintendo DS’s touch screen and its buttons. 260,000 color dual touch screens helps to display data easily. All you do is to type a word and change the kind of dictionary, and then you can get various results conveniently.

You can make your own word book, and history function and calculator function are included.

In addition to double screen and touch screen, other features include internal microphone, wireless communication system. 2 cartridge ports are compatible with DS and GBA (Gameboy Advance). You can even enjoy chatting with maximum 16 people using touch pen by internal ‘pictochat’.

Games for Nintendo DS are Nintendogs, super Mario 64, and Pocketmon dash.

If you need more information, visit the website www.touchdic.co.kr or contact 82-2-2071-2000.