Daesung Hitech introduces unmanned and automated CNC automatic lathe at Daegu Machinery Expo 2021

Daesung Hitech Co., Ltd. will participate in the Daegu Machinery Expo 2021 held at EXCO in Daegu from November 16th to 19th.

Daesung Hitech has been supplying ultra-precision parts and assembly products to more than 50 global companies in 20 countries, including Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Sweden, for the past 20 years since its establishment. It has acquired NOMURA automatic lathes, Japan’s 70-year-old prestigious machine tool company, and exports Swiss CNC automatic lathes to 25 countries, providing innovative facilities that can be unmanned/automated to customers around the world.

The micro-tool grinding machine to be presented at this exhibition has been imported and used entirely from Germany, and Daesung Hitech succeeded in localizing for the first time. It is an ultra-precision grinding machine that grinds hard metal end mills and hard metal drills.

CNC Automatic Lathe | Photo – AVING NEWS

Furthermore, CNC automatic lathes, which are mainly produced, are automatically unmanned equipment that operates 24 hours a day and are machines that mass-produce various mass-produced products such as automobile parts, implants, IT parts, and aircraft parts.

An official from Daesung Hitech said, “We aim to expand exports to 50 countries within the next five years and triple our current sales.” Currently, we plan to increase the lineup of more than 20 types of machines to 40 models in the future, and we are preparing for IPO next year, he said.

We are participating in a global machine tool exhibition to promote new facilities developed by our company to existing customers and create new customers, he said. “We will focus on developing more productive and high-quality machining facilities.”

Meanwhile, the 2021 Daegu International Machinery Industry Exhibition is hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and organized by EXCO, DGMC Daegu Gyeongbuk Machinery Cooperative, Daegu Techno Park Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center, Small and Medium Business Convergence Daegu Gyeongbuk Federation, Korea Technology, and KOTRA. The exhibition items are as follows. △Factory Automation Equipment △ Smart Factory △ Machinery, Equipment △ Tools, Mold △ Control Measurement, Inspection Equipment △ Logistics, Packaging Machine Tube △ Welding, Casting

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