Daehyun ST to announce next-generation food hydrogen safety solution at HYVOLUTION 2022

Photo Source- Daehyun ST

Daehyun ST (CEO Joo-heung Eom)will participate as a joint Korean pavilion at ‘HYVOLUTION 2022 (France Hydrogen Industry Exhibition 2022),’ which will be held at the Paris Event Center, France for two days from May 11 to 12.

Daehyun ST is a tape adhesive coating specialist, and has a variety of products including industrial as well as display, battery, semiconductors, and special tapes. An official from Daehyun ST said, “Our security prevention film and hydrogen detection film are expected to serve as stepping stones to enter various markets in the future. Furthermore, we are preparing to become a comprehensive material specialist and global company.”

Mobile or display protection tape is a necessary solution. Accordingly, Daehyun ST has commercialized the technology to provide solutions that meet customer specifications eye-to-eye. Recently, high-humidity sensitive films have successfully been coated inlarge-areasand are being mass produced. Since it is product that cannot be replicated in the cosmetic security label market, Daehyun ST expects to expand to various markets in the future. In addition, safety issuesare becoming problematic due to the growth of the hydrogen market, and an official explained that the hydrogen detection tapesthey are developing will be the solution.

The official said, “Compared to the best quality, we are providing excellent quality. The Chameleon Film, owned only by our company,is a concept that cannot be copied and is competitive in the security market. In addition, the hydrogen sensor is the world’s first large-area R2R line. We have successfully commercialized this technology, and the response time is excellent within a few seconds. In addition, electric sensors can respond in real time, so safety accidents can be prevented,” explaining the company’s product.

From left) Chameleon film before and after reaction │Photo source-Daehyun ST

Daehyun ST signed a technology transfer agreement with Hyung-tak Seo, a professor at Ajou University who had the original technology of hydrogen colorimetric sensors, for more than 2 billion won. With this original technology, they are planning to challenge the commercialization of the best colorless sensor and the first R2R.

Joo-heung Eom, CEO of Daehyun ST, cited the company’s ‘vision 2550’ and their goal of achieving 500 billion won in sales by 2025. At the center is the chameleon film and the hydrogen detection sensor. Chameleon Film was developed to target the genuine security label market. Existing label technology is disadvantageous because it is vulnerable to replicationand has complicated verification procedures.

To compensate for these shortcomings, Chameleon Film was developed using genuine security technology that can be immediately checked in response to human breath. Chameleon film have been mass-produced since June 2021. It is applied with a complex function that responds to temperature and ultraviolet (UV) light, including moisture sensitivity. Afterwards, it will be applied to the security market that requires genuine product authentication to prevent counterfeiting and tampering with expensive products.

The sensor for hydrogen detection is to respond to the demand for eco-friendliness. CEO Joo-heung Eom said, “Since hydrogen is a representative eco-friendly energy, we deemed it to be a future fuel. We are working with Ajou University to develop a hydrogen leak detection sensor that can monitor safety in case of hydrogen leakage. This new business is the future of the special industrial tape market. It is a new market that we have created. Every new business will be win-win inaccomplishing Vision 2550.”

The sensor for hydrogen │Photo source-Daehyun ST

Meanwhile, HYVOLUTION is the largest hydrogen industry B2B (business-to-business) exhibition in France hosted by GL Events. This year, more than 250 hydrogen value chain-related companies and institutions from around the world will participate in △ Mobility, △ Energy, and △ Industry. Korea’s ‘Hydrogen Mobility + Show Organizing Committee’ will participate in the exhibition as a joint pavilion by signing an NDA for exhibition exchange with French MICE company GL Event. Along with nine domestic hydrogen-related companies and institutions, a PR hall will be established and operated, to explain domestic hydrogen industry trends and promote the private hydrogen industry.