Daegu Machinery Expo 2021 opens on the 16th showcasing the future of Daegu, Mecca of the Robot Industry

– Presenting as the “Global Robot City Daegu”.

– 700 booths of 300 companies, exhibitions, and export consultations will be held simultaneously online and offline.

Daegu Machinery Expo 2021, where you can see the latest technologies and trends in the regional and global machinery, parts, and robot industries at a glance, is being held at EXCO from November 16 to 19, 2021.

Daegu Machinery Expo 2021, which is held at the Donggwan Exhibition Hall for the first time this year, has become a venue to confirm the status of Daegu, a global robot city. Daegu City was designated as a “Free Regulatory Zone for Mobile Cooperative Robots” last year and was selected as an innovative site for the National Robot Test Field this year, and a robot company support system was established every cycle. At Daegu Machinery Expo 2021, which marks its 10th anniversary this year, Daegu City has established itself as a mecca for the robot industry and showed a blueprint for the “Future of Daegu with Robots.”

Domestic and foreign industrial robot companies such as Hyundai Robotics, Yaskawa Electric, Stäubli, and Epson participated in the 10th Daegu Machiery Expo.

YASKAWA, a global industrial robot leader, participated in the largest scale ever, from small robots such as welding robots, collaborative robots, and ice cream robots to super-large robots.

EPSON, which ranks first in the global market for SCARA robots, participated for the second consecutive year. Denmark-based self-driving robot MiR and onrobot, an industrial lightweight robot gripper company, visited Daegu for the first time. In addition, Switzerland-based Stäubli introduced innovative mechatronics solutions such as safety robot TS2 Robot, which won the Product Design category at the Red Dot Award 2021 this year, SCARA Robot (TS2), Robot Tool Change System (MPS), and Multi-Coupling System (MCS).

At this year’s Daegu Machinery Expo, not only industrial robots but also service robots are exhibited in large numbers, so you can feel coexistence with robots a step closer.

A number of service robot companies, including Twinny’s autonomous robot, target-following robot, Hyundai Robotics’ hotel guest and F&B serving robot, Korea’s No. 1 humanoid robot Hubo from Rainbow Robotics and along with coffee barista robot, golf cart robot, and ice cream robot, visited Daegu, the robot city. It proved that Daegu is changing its landscape to be a robot hub city in name and reality and the center of the global robot industry.

In particular, Inatech, a leading semiconductor manufacturing equipment company and industrial robot company, visited Daegu for the first time this year. MiR, a smart self-driving mobile robot, is planning to introduce Universal Robots, the world’s No. 1 cooperative robot, and small AGV “NIPPER” with unmanned pallet transportation.

In addition, Twinny, who participated for the first time this year, plans to develop an autonomous driving robot “NarGo” and a target following robot “TarGo” to supply it to distribution centers, factories, hospitals, and smart farms to build an autonomous driving ecosystem that anyone can use.

Daegu City and EXCO invited British entertainment robot TITAN to the opening ceremony as a special guest to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the robot industry exhibition and celebrate the national robot test field.

Meanwhile, 102 companies participated in the Daegu Machinery Expo 2021, which marks its 22nd anniversary this year, forming five specialized zones: Factory Automation, Smart Factories, Machine Tools and Facilities, Molds and Tools, Control Measurements and Inspection Devices to deliver automation technologies and related solutions to increase production efficiency.

Samick THK, a global industrial automation solution company, introduced LM guides and ball screws, which are essential parts of industrial automation facilities such as semiconductor equipment, robots, and machine tools, as well as equipment and industrial robots (LTR, WTR, multi-joint robots).

OSG Korea, a comprehensive cutting tool maker of domestic leading companies selected as excellent quality competitiveness for 26 consecutive years, showed world-class quality and technology by exhibiting major products such as tabs, drills, and endmills at the exhibition

TaeguTec, a global leading high-tech tool company, exhibited innovative metal processing solutions at the exhibition by exhibiting turning holders, inserts, milling holders and inserts, hard metal drills and end mill, and tooling systems.

DAESUNG HI-TECH, a leader in the machine tool industry, introduced the CNC automatic lathe system by introducing NOMURADS, a luxury automatic shelf brand with a tradition of 75 years.

The “Smart Factory Special Hall” consists of 60 booths from 27 companies, introducing cases of smart factory construction and advancement of Daegu-based companies at the Daegu Techno Park Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center, and conducted consulting on Daegu-based companies and suppliers. In addition, it aims to strengthen the smartization capabilities of local suppliers by conducting smart factory training to strengthen the capabilities of working-level suppliers.

Gyeongbuk Techno Park Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center, which has been rated S for the second consecutive year, also participated in the exhibition to promote various projects such as K-Smart Lighthouse Factory, Smart Factory Construction and Advanced Project, General Digital Cluster, Chemical Management Industry, and Smart Workshop Technology Supply Project. In addition, we would like to take the lead in innovating smart manufacturing in Gyeongsangbuk-do by conducting capacity building education for companies participating in smart factories in Gyeongsangbuk-do, smart manufacturing innovation strategies, and briefing sessions for new businesses.

A total of 112 companies will participate in the 16th Materials, Parts & Components Exhibition, which marks its 16th anniversary this year. The Air Force Military Command displayed items selected with the aim of localizing parts and developing maintenance capabilities. It aims to induce domestic companies to develop parts and improve their aviation maintenance capabilities in case of disruptions in supply of parts due to production suspension or soaring prices of overseas companies in charge of supplying aviation parts to parts localization.

At the special hall of the head of the department, the Korea Carbon Industry Promotion Agency, the Korea Institute of Materials, and MOORIM Paper held special exhibitions on new materials.

In order to realize carbon neutrality by the carbon industry, the Korea Carbon Industry Promotion Agency introduced carbon fusion technology that helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions and exhibited related carbon lightweight products.

The Korea Institute of Materials Science has launched products that apply various new materials such as metal, titanium, ceramic materials, and composite materials.

In addition to producing simple paper, MOORIM Paper introduced products that can be applied to moisturizing cosmetics, films, bricks, and insulation materials using various products such as crystal cellulose, pulp powder, and cellulose nanofibers that increase the value of use as new materials.

In addition, Daegu Techno Park’s Nano Convergence Practicalization Center, Gyeongbuk Hybrid Technology Institute, and Daegu Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone Authority created and participated in a joint hall to support the development of domestic and foreign markets for high-tech automobiles, metals and electronics in Daegu.

The 2021 Daegu Global Robot Business Forum, which will be held at the same time as the exhibition, will be held at Inter-Burgo EXCO on November 16 in a hybrid way that combines online and offline, expecting the shared growth of exhibitions and forum events. In addition, various side events were held at the same time, including the 2nd Daegu Robot Idea Contest, the Robot Olympiad Korea Competition, the 2021 International Rubber Conference, and practical training for smart factory suppliers.

Futhermore, 40 video export consultations from five overseas buyers were held to explore domestic and foreign markets for participating companies, and 20 large and medium-sized companies participated in purchase consultations and smart factory consultations.

Daegu’s Mayor Young-jin Kwon said, “In the era of the 4th industrial revolution, the robot industry is driving the Daegu regional economy,” adding, “We hope that the Daegu International Machinery Industry War will show the future of Daegu, the mecca city of the robot industry, and create more sales channels and profits.”

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