Daegu International Future Vehicle Expo, which meets Imagination in Reality, Opens at EXCO on 23rd


The ‘Daegu International Future Vehicle Expo (2017 DIFA) was held today at Daegu EXCO. The opening ceremony began with a VIP commemorative photographing and opening performance. The opening remarks of the Mayor or Daegu Metropolitan City.

The opening address of the Mayor, Kwon Young-Jin, of Daegu Metropolitan City and congratulatory speeches of the National Assembly members, Hong Eui-Rak, Song Hee-Kyung, and Shin Yong-Hyun were also held. In addition, key note address of Gilles Normand, vice chairman of Renault Samsung Motors Co., Ltd. and Kwon Moon-Shik, vice chairman of Hyundai Motor Investment & Securities Co., Ltd., received the attention of many interested parties. Kwon Moon-Shik, vice chairman of Hyundai Motors Co. Ltd., said, “I think that value change and industrial change are important,” and also said “automobiles play a key role in the shared economy and hub to connect with the outside world.”

Daegu International Future Vehicle Expo was filled with 251 automobile and related companies from 26 countries, covering the whole building of EXCO 1st floor. A total of 59 companies and organizations in Daegu and Geyongbuk provinces, will form 163 booths to showcase future automobile technology, which they have prepared in the meanwhile.

Hyundai Motor company exhibited the next-generation hydrogen electric vehicle(SUV) with the exhibition of the most popular electric car in Korea, with the exhibition of Ionic and Electric. This exhibition model as a real finished product which will be mass-produced, was the first to be released at Daegu International Future Vehicle Expo, the next-generation hydrogen car with the world’s largest mileage of existing hydrogen electric vehicles. In addition, some additional items to be exhibited are known to be products that have not been revealed until now, which arouses a curiosity.


Tesla also participates in the exhibition. Tesla, headed by Elon Musk, known worldwide as the icon of innovation, continues to grow, leading the global electric car market and recently releasing electric trucks. The Tesla Model X, which has not been released in Korea, is expected to be on display and is attracting the attention of electric car enthusiasts. Renault Samsung introduced the 2018 SM3 Z.E for the first time, which greatly improves its mileage(135km → 213km), and Dague International Future Vehicle Expo will also serve as a venue for the launch of new products for global automakers.

According to the Daegu city, which led a boom in the automobile supply market, 1,526 electric cars were registered at the end of October. In particular, the number of electric cars supplied this year increased by 1,182, 343.6% than last year and the largest growth rate recorded among the 17 metropolitan municipalities. Daegu City has exhausted the supply of planned supplies this year, but citizens still have the intention to buy electric cars. The city will set up a special exhibition hall to display seven models of electric cars to be supported in the exhibition hall to repay these citizens’ responses. Citizens wishing to purchase electric cars will be able to compare each electric car with others and have a chance to look them through closely.

At the Daegu International Future Vehicle Expo, citizens will be interested in eco-friendly cars, autonomous vehicles and related technologies that represent the future of cars. Although the changing automobile market and its technologies are getting known to all over the world, it is a local reality that it was not easy to meet them directly. Daegu City expects that citizens will gain information about future cars and have an opportunity to turn their perceptions of changes in the industry through its exhibition.

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