‘Daegu International Beauty Expo 2022’,the largest beauty exhibition in the Yeongnam region, held on the 17th at EXCO in Daegu… Participation of 175 companies, operating 303 booths!

Young-jin Kwon, Mayor of Daegu Mayor, Young-hee Choi and Suk-jun Hong, members of National Assembly, and other attendees participating in button opening ceremony of ‘Daegu International Beauty Expo 2022’ held at EXCO on the 17th | Photo – AVING News

Daegu Metropolitan City held ‘Daegu International Beauty Expo 2022’ at EXCO on the 17th (Friday) with the theme of ‘K-Beauty, Blooming in Daegu’.

It is the 9th anniversary of Daegu International Beauty Expo, which will be held for three days until the 19th(Sunday) and has becomeas the best beauty expo in the Yeongnam region. This event was the largest scale ever held, which has participation of 303 booths from 175 companies related to the beauty industry, such as cosmetics·aesthetics·hair·nails and others.

This exhibitionwill expand the creation of special pavilions and strengthens B2B business. They secured 85 million KRWfrom government funds to support export consultations, held export consultations for 90 overseas buyers from 16 countries including the United States and China. They will support domestic and international public relations marketing through conductingon-site interviews with overseas reporters. In addition, 25 large-scale distribution buyer consultation meetings are held to support the development of new domestic markets.

Mayor of Dague, Young-jin Kwon, members of National Assembly, Young-hee Choi and Seok-jun Hong, and other attendees are taking a tour of the exhibition hall at the opening ceremony of ‘Daegu International Beauty Expo 2022’ held at EXCO on the 17th | Photo – AVING News

This year’s event is characterized by the largest exhibition ever and including Beauty Trend Special Pavilions including beauty tech combined with IT technology, clean and vegan beauty for MZ aiming for value consumption, and home care beauty for daily recovery.Beauty companies that will lead the K-Beauty industryparticipated in the Star Beauty Brand Hall, fostered, and supported by Daegu City. This was possible through participation of Gyeongsangbuk-do to form the Daegu·Gyeongbuk Joint Hall, which symbolizes win-win growth in the local beauty industry.

At this year’s opening ceremony, to share beauty with the local community, RIMANKOREA Co., Ltd. held the ‘1.1.1 Cosmetics Donation Event’ to reveal the beauty of 1,000 people through a donation of at least 100 million KRW to women from vulnerable groups such as local multicultural families. In addition, the Daegu Metropolitan City Council of the KoreanCosmetologists’Associationwill also provide talent donations for free ‘dress-up tickets’ for 1,000 people in vulnerable, including the elderly living alone.

A view of Daegu Mayor Cup Beauty Contest held at the ‘Daegu International Beauty Expo 2022’ on the 17th | Photo – AVING News

For additional event, Daegu Mayor Cup Beauty Contest will be held on the first day, and on the 18thDaegu Mayor Cup Skin Beauty Contest and International Beauty Style Contest will be held. On the 19th, which is the last day of the expo, K-Beauty World Contest will be held, and it is expected that it will become a contest venue where beauty professionals can show off their skills that they have prepared.

A live broadcast of Naver Shopping to sell products from participating companies will be held for two days from the 17th to the 18th. There will be an opportunity to promote their products through a live interview with 2022 Miss DaeguGyeongbuk.

Other than this events, seminars on e-commerce entry and sales strategies such as beauty e-commerce practice and global market strategy will be held.They will also operate beauty change pavilion, where beauty experts will provide makeup, hair styling, and nail art services to visitors. There will be also hair show, and beauty trend seminars, where citizen can enjoy the beauty expo.

Mayor of Daegu, Young-jin Kwon, giving a welcome speech at the opening ceremony of ‘Daegu International Beauty Expo 2022’ held at EXCO on the 17th | Photo – AVING News

Mayor of Daegu Metropolitan City, Young-jin Kwon said, “As we are hosting the largest beauty expo ever held in line with the recovery of daily life, we have prepared various exhibition halls and additional events. I hope that beauty companies will gain new growth engine for their business to start over again, and people will gain beauty through Daegu International Beauty Expo.”

Meanwhile, through this exhibition, whichwas the largest comprehensive beauty expo in the Yeongnam region, hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and organized by EXCO and KOTRA, domestic and foreign buyers were invited and provided with a 1:1 business meeting opportunity. In addition, various additional events such as seminars and hygiene education were held. The main exhibition items are as follows. △Cosmetics △Aesthetics △Hair △Nail △Clean/Vegan beauty △Total beauty △Body beauty △Medical beauty △Beauty Tech