COWON, ‘iAUDIO U3’(more photos)

NEW YORK, USA (AVING) — <Visual News> COWON( has announced that it plans to release its new MP3P ‘iAUDIO U3’ in October 19th.

This slender model is equipped with 1.2-inch 260,000 color TFT-LCD. It comes with video clips, image and text viewer functions. By employing its exclusive technology ‘jetAudio VX’, you can convert various video contents readily.

It’s small but powerful enough to provide 60mW sound. It offers various tones with BBE sound effect and JetEffect. According to your preference, you can choose theme skin on LCD display among 8 color options. You can even apply your own logo to the screen.

It is portable with mere 32.5g weight (internal battery included). It runs on maximum 20 hours per 3 hours charge, and supports USB 2.0.

It comes with two colors: platinum black and noble White.

If you need more information, visit the website or contact 82-1588-1588