[COPHEX 2014] NewOne Global’s Cool Light Material ‘CAB-60’

NewOne Global (CEO Ho Sung Kim, www.newoneglobal.com) introduced a new phosphorescent ingredient cool light material ‘CAB-60’ at The 9th Cosmetic · Pharmaceutical Machinery & Equipment Exhibition (COPHEX 2014).

Cool light material ‘CAB-60’ can be recognized visually for more 10 hours if it is exposed to the sunlight for 10 minutes. Different from standard phosphorescent ingredients, it applies a special technology so it is strong against water, and it can be used not only insider but also outside.

This product is suitable for signs, switches, stairs, and other evacuation guidance systems in case of blackouts, earthquakes, and emergency evacuations; during disasters in government buildings, airports, railroads, and food & pharmaceutical companies it can used widely in a safety products.

(photo: Cool light material CAB-60)

‘The only Cosmetic · Pharmaceutical Machinery & Equipment related exhibition in Korea ‘COPHEX 2014′(www.cophex.com) is brand Exhibition for global leading companies including various special events which major buyers participate in and special support program for exhibitors. About 1000 buyers will attend the exhibition.

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