[COPHEX 2014] JNP ENG Introduces Rotary High-pressure Sterilizer ‘Ferlo’

Ferlo’s exclusive national distributor, JNP ENG(CEO Jun Hee Park, www.jnpeng.co.kr) participated in ‘The 9th Cosmetic · Pharmaceutical Machinery & Equipment Exhibition (COPHEX 2014)’, and introduced a rotary high-pressure sterilizer.

Spain’s 30 year old traditional ‘Ferlo’s product, the rotary high-pressure sterilizer is used in coffee, soy milk, sauce and other industries areas that need sterilization; by using the rotary system the quality is outstanding, and has a good energy efficiency.

Also, with a 30 year old know-how, this product has a long lifespan, it has minimized the installation area, and its competitiveness is excellent. It can also produce according to the customer’s preferred size (basket units), and it can realize an automatized system according to the production scale.

‘The only Cosmetic · Pharmaceutical Machinery & Equipment related exhibition in Korea ‘COPHEX 2014′(www.cophex.com) is brand Exhibition for global leading companies including various special events which major buyers participate in and special support program for exhibitors. About 1000 buyers will attend the exhibition.

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